This section of our website aims to give you a clear 和 complete description of the application process. Applying to independent schools can seem like a daunting set of tasks, but we are 在这里 to help.  如果您有任何问题,请随时给我们的办公室发邮件(admission@groton).Org)或致电(978 448 7510).

2024年秋季入学申请截止日期为2024年1月15日.  申请费是50美元.  If your financial circumstances make it difficult to pay this fee, email us or give us a call.

截止日期后到达的申请仍将被考虑, but we cannot guarantee that we will have a decision by the common decision deadline of March 10, 2024.


  • 查询表格

    完成我们的 调查形式 加入我们的邮件列表, 收到我们的入场书, 了解你所在地区可能发生的事件.  The information you provide will help us connect you with people at Groton who share your interests.

    If you would like to provide more detailed information to our coaches 和/or arts directors you can also complete these forms:
  • 1. 候选人简介

    候选人简介 offers admission c和idates a convenient way to provide biographical data to over 50 schools with a single form. 您可以在网上访问候选人简介 进入预科学校,一个网上申请系统. In order to register for an interview or remote interview you must first complete the 候选人简介.  您将在提交表格后的第二天获得面试时间表.
  • 2. 亲自面试,远程面试和视频介绍

    我们的大多数面试都是在校园里进行的,并且在面试开始前会有学生带领的参观.  Prospective students who would like to apply for entry in the 2024-2025 school year can schedule an interview on campus after completing the 候选人简介 through the 进入预科学校申请系统.  请务必指出您的候选人简介应发送到易胜博app安卓下载.  You will have access to the online interview schedule through an email sent to you within 24 hours.  

    远程采访是通过Zoom进行的. 远程访问 are offered because Groton recognizes that t在这里 are various reasons why c和idates for admission may not be able to travel to the campus.  After completing the 候选人简介, you should complete the Remote Interview Request Form.  我们将在您提交请求后不久与您联系.

    Please be advised that applicants who have been studying in a school for the past two years w在这里 English is NOT the primary language of instruction must submit Duolingo, 托福考试, 或雅思成绩.  You may report the scores of English proficiency testing in the Remote Interview Request Form or submit the scores through the supplemental materials section of your 应用门户.

    If you need to reschedule an appointment, please call the admission office (978 448-7510).

    你可以通过提交自己的视频介绍来帮助我们了解你.  We prefer video introductions that are simple statements of your interests 和 aspirations rather than a presentation that is extensively rehearsed or edited.  它的长度不应超过五分钟.  给我们发一段用手机录制的“自拍式”视频是完全可以接受的! 视频介绍可以作为面试的替代方式.

    请点击 在这里 分享你的视频介绍.
  • 3. 标准化考试

    易胜博app安卓下载要求申请者提交标准化考试成绩.  在2021年和2022年进入, 由于测试地点的健康问题,这一要求被暂停.  St和ardized 测试结果 are one of many factors that help admission offices determine whether or not a school is a good fit for an applicant.  成绩单, 建议, 测试结果, 和候选人陈述在评估申请时都很重要.  

    如果没有考试成绩,优秀的申请者可能会被忽视.  当招生顾问不熟悉申请人的学校时, 测试结果有助于将应用程序置于上下文中.  Testing helps us fulfill one of our primary objectives: enrolling a diverse 和 talented student body.   一些人认为标准化考试是获得良好教育的障碍.  We see testing as a means to overcome barriers such as incomplete 建议 和 grade inflation.  St和ardized testing helps applicants from many different backgrounds become students at 易胜博app安卓下载.

    多年来, the majority of admitted applicants have submitted test scores that are quite strong, 但这肯定不是对每个人都适用.  Test scores are evaluated with consideration of each applicant's educational background.  这只是申请易胜博app安卓下载大学要考虑的众多因素之一.

    The Enrollment Management Association provides schools with fee waivers for the SSAT.  易胜博app安卓下载向完成候选人简介的申请人发放费用减免, 并通过电子邮件(地址 admission@juliannahomeremodeling.net).  申请书中应注明上一年度的家庭收入.  If the income meets the criteria described by the Enrollment Management Association (ttp: / / www.ssat.org/about/fee-waiver-program),便可获豁免收费.  提供给每所学校的豁免名额是有限的.  

    SSAT是我们比较喜欢的考试,但是你也可以参加ISEE. 有关测试日期和地点的更多信息,请访问 www.ssat.orgwww.erblearn.org/families/isee-by-erb/. Be sure to list Groton's code when you register for the SSAT (3598) or for the ISEE (220930). 我们只接受直接来自考试服务的成绩. The November or December test dates are preferable; the January date is acceptable. 申请中二(八年级)的学生可以参加SSAT中高级考试. Students applying for Fifth Form (11th grade) may submit 测试结果 from the PSAT, SAT, or ACT. 

    如果英语不是你的母语, 和 you have not been studying in a school w在这里 English is the primary language of instruction for the past two years, 你还应该参加英语语言能力测试. 我们接受 Duolingo测试托福、新托福和雅思. International students admitted to Groton tend to score above: 100 on the 托福考试 iBT, 7.雅思5分,多邻国英语测试125分.

    Groton Testing Codes:  Please use these codes to have the score reports sent directly to Groton. 
    Ssat - 3598
    Isee - 220930
    托福- 8224
  • 4. 建议

    Groton applicants use the 进入预科学校 online application for recommendation forms. 要访问 网关 推荐系统,您必须提交候选人简介. Completing 建议 online through the 网关 system is a simple 和 secure process for you 和 your teachers. 你的第一步是询问别人是否会推荐你. 如果他们同意,询问他们的电子邮件地址. You will then enter those addresses in the recommendation section of the 网关 application so your recommenders will receive the forms via email. 我们建议推荐人在提交之前打印他们的推荐信.

  • 5. 完成申请

    To complete an application, you must submit all forms to the 入学 Office by January 15, 2024. 易胜博app安卓下载使用 进入预科学校,一个网上申请系统. 通过社区组织提交的申请除外, applications to Groton must be submitted electronically through the 网关 application system. 这些表格的示例可以在下面找到. 您可以访问网关平台和所有表单 在这里.
    • 候选人简介 -,以启动申请程序.
    • 候选人的声明
    • 父母声明
    • 校长/顾问建议
    • 本学年成绩报告以前的成绩  - No application can be considered complete without a transcript that includes grades from the first marking period of the current school year 和 grades from the past two school years.
    • 当前英语教师推荐
    • 当前数学教师推荐
    • 个人的建议 -特别兴趣建议可用于代替, 或者除了, 个人推荐.
    • 特别兴趣建议 -个人推荐可以用来代替, 或者除了, 特别利益建议.
    • 分级写作样例 -我们更喜欢在本学年写的非小说类论文. 论文应该用英文写.
    • 考试成绩报告
    • 多媒体及附加文件(自愿) -你可以提供体育或音乐表演的链接, 艺术作品, 或通过您的申请门户提供的任何其他补充信息. 我们不接受原创作品、cd或dvd. Do not delay the submission of your 候选人简介 because you are waiting for multimedia to be prepared. In the Additional Information section, please indicate that a link will be provided later. 您也可以在此上传其他文件.  请注意,我们强烈希望直接收到学校的成绩报告. Please do not email multimedia 和 additional documents to members of the admission team.
    • 申请经济资助 -只适用于寻求经济援助的家庭.  截止日期为2024年1月15日.
    学校保留要求提供额外信息的权利, 包括就读学校的完整档案. 

    如果你的经济状况使你难以支付申请费, 请致电978-448-7510.
易胜博app安卓下载很自豪能与“更好的机会”这样的组织合作, 灯塔学院, 为准备而准备, 怀特基金会, 启发年轻人的思想, 和新泽西种子. Community-based organizations like these target deserving students from low-income backgrounds 和 guide them through the application process.
问题? 易胜博app安卓下载:978-448-7510或 admission@juliannahomeremodeling.net.